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DATE:- 13/04/2021

Rajdhani Day Milan Day Kalyan
0 5 4 9 4 9 5 0 2-5-0-7

Rajdhani Night Milan Night Main Bazar
*** *** ***

दोस्त हमारे गेम {{free public seva}} काफ़ी टाइम से डेली ओपन टू क्लोज़ पास होते आ रहे हैं कभी कभी फैल भी हो जाये तो टेन्शन ना लेना ,क्यूँकि इस साइट पर आपको बेस्ट प्रॉफ़िट मिलेगा
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OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : 4 9 5 0

Panna : 347 379 370 357

Jodi : 45 54 59 95 90 09 04 40


OPEN : 0 5 4 9

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : 2-5-0-7

Panna : 159-237-159-280-267

Jodi : 24-59-04-79-29-54-09-74


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***

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Frequently Asked Questions

An overview of Satta Matka

Satta Matka is a gambling game which is based on the speculation of a number from 0 to 9. It got introduced after Independence in India. Initially this game was used to be played under a pot having many cards, to choose from inside it. That’s why it got the name Matka as a prefix which is a Hindi word and Satta means gambling game. With the passage of time many advancements were brought into this game and it is no more played in matka. One can resemble the satta matka game with a lottery game. This game tests your speculation ability. Credits for the popularity of this game in India goes to two persons mainly Ratan Khatri and Kalyan Ji Bhagat. You may have following question in your mind related to Indian Matka:


Is Matka Played Only in India?

No, Satta Matka game is not only popular and played in India but also played by some of the developed nations like Dubai, Bankok and others.


How to Play Satta Matka

You can play this betting game both offline and online. For playing offline you will have to find the agent who sells and bets on behalf of you. That’s why playing it offline can be a headache. Also trusting a person offline can lead you to loss and you can be scammed. But in online, there are very low chances of scam. Hence playing this game online is suggested. Many websites like ours and mobile applications allow you to play this game without any hassle.


How will I get my winning money?

Another reason for the popularity of matka game is their quick allocation and settlement of winning money. When you play matka game with the help of mobile applications or websites, then during the first-time registration, your bank account details are asked. So that, when you win the game, your winning amount will be deposited to that account quickly.


How to win in satta matka?

Always start playing with few amounts to know the exact trick that works. • Prepare your mindset to bear the loss of some amount of money to win big amount some-day. • Always make or search the chart of matka game in which you are going to bet. • For the practically applying the above suggestion, you will have to search for a reliable Satta Matka Website to get the best chart and free guessing form. Two such reliable websites are Kalyan Matka Bazar and • Never play this game too often and with big amount. • If required, don’t hesitate to take the help of experts of this game. They can be found in many matka websites.


Where will I get to know about different types of matka markets accurately?

I am writing it openly, you can not find the detail explanation of different matka markets like DpBoss Matkaand other markets. But you can get more than half information of an specific matka markets by exploring hundreds of websites and watching unlimited youtube videos. So by keeping in mind, this thing we have covered almost every single thing that can be written about satta matka games, its tricks and tips on the blog and FAQ section of Kalyan Matka Bazar.

Q.6What are its prominent types?

Single: Here the betting takes place on a single digit. You will have to choose the number between 0 to 9. I f the number selected by you comes in draw then you will win that draw. • Jodi: Jodi is also known as pair, where you have to bet on a two-digit number ranging from 00 to 99. Since, here are the less probability of winning the draw. So, this game offers high rate of winning. • Patti:In some areas, this is also known by the name Panni. Till now you must have got the concept of patti or panni by reading above two points. So, in this game, a player bets on three-digit number. It is again sub-divided in three categories: 1. SP: It stands for single patti. Meaning of SP is that no three numbers will be same or repeat in a patti. For example, 345, in this number all digits are different. 2. DP: Abbreviated as Double Patti/panni. Out of three numbers here 2 numbers can be same. For example, 344, in this number two-digits are same that’s why it is known as DP. 3. TP: Full form of TP is Tripple patti/panni. In TP all digits of a three-digit number are same. Like 222.

Some rare known facts about matka game

During initial days of this game in India, mainly in Mumbai, the bets were placed on the rates of cotton in New York Cotton exchange. • With the passage of time, bets were placed on many things like cricket score, sports tournament, etc. • In 1962 Kalyan Ji Bhagat, his own matka market called Worli Matka. It became popular as a person can bet on this game by playing with a very few amounts also. • After 2 years Ratan Khatri, a spice seller, introduced some changes in Worli matka and new name was given to it which was Main Ratan or New Worli Matka. • Ratan Khatri became so popular through this game that people wanted him as Prime Minister of India in 1990’s. • Son of Kalyan Bhagat, named Suresh Bhagatalso entered in this gambling world and earned crores of rupees and fame just like his father. • Suresh Bhagat was murdered by his son and wife Jaya Bhagat in 2008 in the greed of getting his 3000 crore matka business. Currently Jaya Bhagat is on temporary bail and also receiving death threats by the brother of Suresh Bhagat.

Know About Fix Fix Matka Number

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